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What makes an awesome error page?

June 14, 2019 no Comments in dev, tech
Ideally, you never want your users to see error pages. But if they do, then there is still an opportunity to turn a negative experience around by providing something useful or entertaining. Here's a...
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Cloud Drive Mapper + MS Teams = 😍🔥

Microsoft Teams - the part-Skype, part-Slack, part-SharePoint collaboration tool - is every IT person's wildest dream and worst nightmare rolled into one.
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Implementing Agile

May 13, 2019 no Comments in dev, tech
Implementing AGILE in small teams As well as working on updates and refreshes to our products we’ve been busy implementing some processes and working habits to make our development teams faster,...
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Security for the People

The information security industry is currently worth $120bn per year. That means on average $15 per year is spent for every person on Earth. Obviously, the spend is not equally distributed as a...
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Breaking the silence

Hi folks. I wanted to write a quick blog post to address a recent quiet period in customer comms. It's something a few of our customers have mentioned to us, and we are aware that we've not been as...
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The Slow Burning Crisis of Selective Sync

April 15, 2019 no Comments in cloud drive mapper
File synchronisation in enterprise IT environments is almost always bad. It's bad because: It doesn't work on machines accessed by multiple users. It's hopeless in VDI and other non-persistent...
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Cloud Drive Mapper - 2.3

Cloud Drive Mapper major update! For the past 12 months we've been working hard on improving the cookie handling and authentication technologies within Cloud Drive Mapper. In that time we've...
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What we're developing at IAM Cloud

April 11, 2019 no Comments in dev, tech
Developments at IAM Cloud Technology is an ever-changing beast and it takes a dedicated team to keep up with the changes. That’s exactly what we do here, every day at IAM Cloud. We’re working on...
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Final call on the USB drive

Many organisations saw the GDPR regulations last year as the nudge they needed to finally cut their ties with pendrives and other USB storage devices (if they hadn’t already). The obvious answer:...
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