IAM Cloud joins the G-Cloud Procurement Framework

By Leon Mallett January Thursday, 2016 Blog, News No Comments

UK Public Sector set for digital identity revolution as IAM Cloud, a leading Identity Management Platform, joins G-Cloud.

IAM Cloud, a UK leader in digital identity, and Microsoft’s Worldwide 2015 Partner of the Year for the Education Sector, has joined the UK Government procurement framework G-Cloud through UK licensing partner Phoenix Software Ltd.

Identity management is at the core of all IT services, and is especially important in large organisations. Digital identity is what determines what digital resources people in organisations can and can’t access, as well as their level of security. It’s a field that is becoming increasingly important with the rapid growth of cloud computing, and with cyber-security high on the Government’s digital agenda.

IAM Cloud Ltd, a Yorkshire-based technology company, has already made significant waves across the UK and US public sectors, and their acceptance on to G-Cloud suggests this may only be the beginning.

“The future of all online services hinges on the concept of digital identity.” Says Adam Cosby, IAM Cloud CEO. He continues: “Digital identity is what allows applications like your email to know who is who, and to only give you access to what is yours. It’s what creates all the walls and connections between people and services online. Keeping your identity safe is paramount, and given the growing threat of cyber attacks, you need increasingly sophisticated technology to protect it.”

Cloud services like IAM Cloud offer UK Public Sector organisations fantastic opportunities for cost savings. With significant cuts to public spending in the UK, getting value for money in IT is essential. The G-Cloud framework is part of the Gov.UK Digital Marketplace, which allows Public Sector organisations to buy quality IT services with confidence.

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