IAM Cloud joins an innovative megamix with technology all-rounders Mixoria

By Leon Mallett August Tuesday, 2015 News No Comments
IAM Cloud Ltd is proud to announce it has formed a partnership with UK-based Events, Technology & Innovation specialists Mixoria. Mixoria is an impressive one-stop technology provider with offices in London and New York, operations all over the world, and expertise in a whole host of different fields ranging from Microsoft SharePoint and Identity Management to Digital Voting Systems and Cloud Video Conferencing. At the heart of Mixoria is an ethos focused on service delivery.

Mixoria Mixoria’s highly experienced team work closely with clients to ensure that they maximise customer value, and deliver major projects in time and on budget. The excellence of their services has led Mixoria to becoming a well-reputed brand with strong relationships worldwide.

IAM Cloud is the Ultimate IT Management platform hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. The IAM Cloud platform provides intelligent identity management, enterprise single sign on (SSO) to thousands of applications, automated Microsoft license management, federation, login control, multi-factor authentication, session timeout control, self-service password resets, cloud drive mapping, Active Directory migration, Microsoft<->Google email migration, services for alumni, customer identity management, and enhanced business continuity through offsite directory authentication. What’s more, IAM Cloud works intelligently, securely and at any scale, and is provided as a service by an expert team of identity management and security professionals.

Together, IAM Cloud and Mixoria offer a combined goldmine of industry experience, technology expertise, service innovation and professionalism.

“We are excited to be working with IAM Cloud, their platform is best of breed and their achievements with identity management and cloud services are second to none. We look forward to delivering their technology to our clients, whilst providing the best value in the shortest of time, that just isn’t possible with other solutions.” says Neil Goodman, Chief Technology Officer at Mixoria. Neil continues...

“We look forward working on many joint large scale projects together as IAM Cloud work ethos matches Mixoria in that we deliver the very best technology and service levels to clients”.

Gavin Routley, IAM Cloud Partner Manager, adds:

"I am delighted to be working in partnership with Mixoria. They have a brilliant track record of bringing the right mix of partners together for projects that perfectly meet the needs of the customer. Mixoria understand the value that the IAM Cloud platform can provide, and how the platform can be best used to support large scale IT projects both in the UK and around the world.”

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