6 ways IAM Cloud can revolutionise your Office 365 implementation

By Nitin Khubani August Tuesday, 2015 Blog No Comments

1. Automated licensing

At the heart of IAM Cloud is an identity management engine that enables endless potential for intelligent automation. One of the ways we can apply this is with Microsoft Cloud licensing. We can automate licensing for any Microsoft Cloud ‘SKU’, including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Project. Automated licensing works by automatically provisioning new licenses to people as they join or move within your organization, and de-provisioning them when they leave. This is done intelligently, so people only get licensed for the specific applications they require. This means that you don’t need to waste time with licensing or writing and maintaining scripts, and it means that you never waste money by over-buying or under utilising licenses.

2. Single Sign-On

I have always been verbose about the power of SSO in my previous blogs (The Power of IAM,), and its single sign-on feature includes a layer of security and intelligence to your IT infrastructure. One of the most powerful features IAM Cloud includes the Single sign-on capability for any line of business with minimum efforts. Single Sign On is a critical IT feature for any modern organization, with benefits to both security and productivity.


3. Cloud Identity

With a guaranteed 99% uptime, you can rely on the eco-system of IAM Cloud and securely manage the identities in the cloud. It is no doubt that managing identities at your own infrastructure is huge cost in terms of resource investment and licensing. It also is a big pain to upgrade your infrastructure with the latest technology. IAM Cloud gives you the required freedom to concentrate only on your core business goals without bothering about Identity and Access. This also means that if your infrastructure is under maintenance or down, your users and partners can still log in to your cloud applications. IAM Cloud does not replace your existing user data source, although it can, but it has powerful agents which will keep your local user synced with IAM Cloud’s user vault. However, no matter the level of existing user infrastructure (could it be traditional SQL, LDAP, Excel, Access or any other custom user database), IAM Cloud can deliver the advantage of advanced IAM standards and securities like SAML 2.0 and oAuth 3.0. All upgrades are completely free!

4. Cloud Drive Mapper

A number of our customers made a request for an easy way to access one of SharePoint’s most powerful features, “Document Library”. The result was Cloud Drive Mapper - which is a very simple and powerful tool to manage your organization’s personal document library with the power of SharePoint document collaboration feature. Cloud Drive Mapper makes it very easy to use SharePoint Document Libraries as primary data store for saving important documents, so even people who don’t have an advanced knowledge of IT can make the most of your SharePoint implementation. Cloud Drive Mapper uses IAM Cloud’s world-class Single Sign On technology, to automatically map your users’ SharePoint Document libraries as their local drives without even asking for credentials, so that users can login to any domain joined machine, and get instant access to their files and data.


5. Session Timeout

Since IAM Cloud is providing identities for SharePoint Infrastructure, it is IAM Cloud’s responsibility to provide the required security precautions to enable auto sign-out after a specific interval. The session timeout feature configures your “ideal timeout period.” and also the “Force timeout period” which will force users to sign-out (even if they are active). This feature does not requires any software installation on customer’s end and works well with both Online and On-premise version of SharePoint. This feature is especially popular with Police Forces who have shared machines, but need to keep their data extremely secure.

6. Migration

IAM Cloud doesn’t just help you manage your users and applications as they currently exist – we also help organizations to migrate users, email and files into the ideal configuration for your organization. IAM Cloud includes tools which performs Active Directory migrations, Office 365 <-> Google email migration, and document migration to SharePoint Online! It not only performs one-time migration but also includes the option to do periodic synchronization of data until the time, you are ready to switch. This is all achieved quickly and securely through the cloud, without the need for a complex or expensive migration project.


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