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Hi, I am Victoria and I joined IAM Cloud this month in the newly created role of Head of Customer Success with the responsibility of ensuring all our customers have a fantastic experience while using the IAM Cloud platform. Having spent the last 15 years with Oracle, a massive global technology organisation, in both support management, service delivery and project management roles I am really excited to be bringing this knowledge over to the IAM Cloud team and am determined to ensure my team has all the processes, support and resources they need to deliver an exceptional experience to all our customers.

This is a really exciting time for IAM Cloud as we launch the next generation of our platform and we want our customers to not only shout about our technology but the experience they receive while using it. Up until now IAM Cloud’s key focus has been on building the best IT management platform in the market but we recognise this isn’t enough – we need to ensure that it comes hand in hand with a great customer experience. We know that we can only be successful if our customers are successful. It’s therefore vital that we are listening to our customers and really understanding what success means to them and ensure that all our deliverables, actions and outcomes combine to meet them.

So let me share with you a few of my immediate focus areas and you can let me know if we are on the right track…

  • Quick easy access to highly skilled experts in Identity Management
    I want to ensure that when you contact our Support team you are straight through to the best technical specialists in Identity Management either over the phone, digitally or on site as required. We are focusing heavily in recruiting, training and retaining top talent.
  • A fast, informative and exciting On Boarding process
    Making sure you get on our platform quickly and with no disruption to service is really important to us. At the same time the on boarding process should be an exciting discovery of all the features and capabilities that the IAM Cloud platform offers you. We are currently redesigning the On Boarding process to deliver this to you.
  • Regular Service Reviews
    We are introducing a new role to IAM Cloud – The Customer Success Manager. The CSM will be your advocate within IAM Cloud, constantly ensuring your needs and requirements are effectively communicated back to all the IAM Cloud teams. They will meet with you regularly to proactively review the service and be an escalation point for when you need us most.
  • Improved proactive communications
    We think it’s important that you have access to a rich Knowledgebase of useful, high quality technical information, white papers, technical blogs, forums to keep you constantly up to speed with industry developments and the latest roadmap of the IAM Cloud Platform.
  • Clearly defined escalation paths
    When you need us most we need to be there for you. It is therefore imperative that you have a clear escalation path that facilitates a speedy resolution to any issues you encounter.

And much much more…. I would love to hear from as many existing, potential and new customers & Partners as possible on what we need to be doing to ensure IAM Cloud stands out as not only delivering great technology but an unparalleled customer experience too. I am really excited about my future at IAM Cloud and will not rest until every single customer tells me what a fantastic experience using the IAM Cloud Platform is!

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