The start of a New Era

By Adam Cosby July Sunday, 2015 Blog, WPC No Comments

"This year's Microsoft WPC in Orlando Florida is the fourth of IAM Cloud's illustrious career. But until this point, even though we have exhibited before, this is the first year we feel ready to make a serious mark on the Microsoft Partner community.

We are now in a position to launch what we believe is the most advanced Identity and Access Management platform ever. Yet what we have built so far is only the first step of our vision. For four years, we have been building to this point, working behind the scenes on the IAM Cloud Platform.

We would love to invite all attendees at WPC 2015 to come and speak to us, to see with you own eyes what IAM Cloud can do."

- Adam Cosby, IAM Cloud CEO.

Visit IAM Cloud at booth 1211. Adam-Web

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