Thoughts on Cloud Drive Mapper

Every organisation is different. When we create our tools we never expect them to be used in exactly the same way by everyone, or to provide the same amount of benefit or value. However, having spoken to many IT people over the past few years, I believe the following reasons are why Cloud Drive Mapper has been so popular and benefitted so many organisations: 

  1. Drive mapping is a veteran technology, and isn't considered particularly fashionable, but it is still categorically the most powerful way to integrate storage into a Windows device or VDI. Cloud applications, published apps, legacy desktop programs, network and server-based applications (etc), all support drive-based storage. No ifs, no buts, it just works - and it works well.

  2. Sync is bad, no matter what features you wrap around it. Allowing users to synchronise company data to their local devices, even using modern 'selective sync' options, is effectively a loss of company control of that data. It increases the company's risk, and the liability to your team if the data is lost, stolen, hacked, or hijacked by malware.

  3. The volume of cloud storage you get from Office 365 is amazing, and so often it is under utilised. We believe Cloud Drive Mapper is the only tool that allows organisations of all types, sizes and complexities yield it properly, securely and with the adequate control, deployment and integration mechanisms for IT teams.

  4. There are a handful of other tools, even free scripts, that provide drive mapping functionality to the cloud, but we continually strive to ensure that Cloud Drive Mapper is far superior in terms of its stability, depth of functionality, IT controls, deployment options, flexibility, and performance. At the same time, it is not just about software - IAM Cloud is a successful and mature business with an excellent hands-on support team. We help our customers every step of the way, so when you purchase you can have the confidence that you're purchasing more than a utility, you're purchasing a fully supported product with a long and exciting future roadmap of incoming features, full business-hours support, a 99.9% up-time SLA, and 24x7 emergency support. We help fix issues, help you configure the tools to best meet your organisational requirements, and will listen to your feature requests and build them in to ensure the product continues to meet you needs into the future.

  5. The cloud is great, but getting there is difficult. Nearly everyone in IT recognise the great benefit that the cloud can bring to their organisation, but making such a fundamental change can have a whole cascade of impacts. The most difficult challenge of all is trying to keep your users happy and on-side. Trying not to disrupt their processes, working habits or productivity is key. Cloud Drive Mapper is pretty well unique in its ability to help organisations get to the cloud while ensuring there is effectively no change to user experience or workflows. Shortcuts still work, folder redirection still works, users navigate and search for their files in the same familiar way, users can still cross-link Excel data between different spreadsheets in the same way, etc. There's no confusion or need to re-train your users. 

  6. Cloud Drive Mapper is also, I think it's fair to say, very good value. It's affordable, and it also allows organisations to begin down-sizing their on-premises network storage, which can actually help to save money in the medium-long term.

  7. One of the main reasons we're able to provide this value and affordability is because of our ethos and company background. We are a privately-owned company that has chosen to avoid VC investment. You may wonder what benefit that has to our customers, but we believe it has a big impact because a company's source of money strongly influences the decisions it makes. We are not trying to 'growth-hack' our way to a big acquisition, we have no exit-strategy. Our decisions are our decisions, not a VC's decisions. We want IAM Cloud to continue being a successful business for another 25-30 years, and that means we make technical and commercial decisions that will benefit our customers now, tomorrow and long into the future. It means we aren't trying to maximise profit from every deal we make. It means that we think about the long-term, and one of the main ways we do that is by providing value to customers, and forming stronger relationships with our customers for our joint long-term benefits.




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