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Cloud Drive Mapper - 2.3

Cloud Drive Mapper major update! For the past 12 months we've been working hard on improving the cookie handling and authentication technologies within Cloud Drive Mapper. In that time we've...
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Cloud Drive Mapper - 2.1 release

Always Evolving Cloud Drive Mapper has come a long way in the past 18 months, we've released a number of major updates along the way, but none more significant than our latest: Version 2.1
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Thoughts on Cloud Drive Mapper

Every organisation is different. When we create our tools we never expect them to be used in exactly the same way by everyone, or to provide the same amount of benefit or value. However, having...
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Is your OneDrive mapping script about to fail?

Mapping drives to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online makes lots of sense for organisations who want to avoid file synchronisation, and keep tight policy-based control over corporate data in...
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Solving IT challenges in Multi-Academy Trusts

Forget any stereotypes you might have about the education sector. Long considered a bureaucratic, risk-averse and laggard sector, education has played second fiddle to the corporate world in many...
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Don't get trapped. Cloud migration is the perfect antidote to SaaS lock-in

When software versioning mirrored the 3-4 year cycles of hardware obsolescence and replacement, product lock-in had a natural and predictable punctuation. However with the growth of SaaS and the...
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How to evolve your IT service without triggering technophobes

Hell is other people - Jean-Paul Sartre.
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The bumper guide to make Office 365 work harder for your organisation

April 21, 2016 no Comments in Blog, office 365
Office 365 is everywhere and by now most of you will have signed up for the subscription based offer. The new version of Office benefits from automatic cool new add-ons and features thanks to it...
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