The top 4 barriers to cloud storage file synchronisation when using Office 365

By Daniel Jennings April Friday, 2016 Blog, Thoughts No Comments

Every Office 365 account comes with a terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive for Business for individuals and SharePoint Online for teams. That’s a huge amount of file storage for a small amount of money…or no money at all if you’re in the education sector. But, there is a problem. OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online rely on file synchronisation.

File synchronisation, while great for consumers, has a number of significant pitfalls in larger scale environments. Here are the top four problems with syncing files through the cloud.

1. Security

Synchronising files on to local machines isn’t particularly secure because files stored on your hard drive as susceptible to malware and can be broken into more easily. This makes implementing cloud storage on devices like laptops, which are prone to be left on trains and in cafes, even more risky.

2. Speed

If you’ve got a lot of data in the cloud, synchronisation can be extremely slow and time consuming. Before you’ve even chance to open your files you could be waiting 20 minutes just to access it. Think of the problems this causes on multi user machines.

3. Cost 

If you’re not using OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online fully, and instead are just using it to supplement your network file storage, you’re spending money on redundant technology. The high cost of local network storage is well known. There are significant hardware costs, replacements and upgrades, the maintenance contracts and management costs, even the energy costs can add up to a significant number. If you’re not fully committing to the cloud because of the issues with synchronisation, then you’re likely spending a significant amount of money that you could avoid.

4. Accessibility

In the digital age users demand instant access to everything. No longer are we prepared to sit and watch the sand timer spin round and round. Synchronising makes it incredibly difficult to access network files and drives.


These problems mean that a lot of organisations aren’t making the most of the vast amount of secure enterprise-grade cloud storage available to them.  This makes no sense to us, so we’ve created a solution…Cloud Drive Mapper, which allows you to utilise all your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online storage.

Cloud Drive Mapper allows you to access all your drives in the same way you do your network storage. You could replace all of your on-premises storage with Microsoft’s advanced cloud storage for a fraction of the cost.

 No matter what machine anybody is using, they’ll only have access to the drives you’ve assigned them. Cloud Drive Mapper is the ultimate low-cost enterprise-grade and highly-secure solution to your file storage challenges.

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