Don't get trapped. Cloud migration is the perfect antidote to SaaS lock-in

When software versioning mirrored the 3-4 year cycles of hardware obsolescence and replacement, product lock-in had a natural and predictable punctuation.

However with the growth of SaaS and the promise from cloud vendors that their products will continually evolve as opposed to be periodically replaced, there’s very real potential that organisations will find themselves increasingly reliant on specific SaaS platforms. The more features used, internal functions connected, customisations made, integrations built with other services, the stickier the SaaS platform becomes - and the more power the vendor has. What if the vendor decides to double its price year on year? What choice do you have but to begrudgingly accept it? 

Fortunately, this little pitfall of moving to the cloud has a solution, a solution that perhaps unsurprisingly also comes from the cloud. What the cloud giveth, the cloud taketh away. 

Cloud migration is rapidly becoming a major industry in its own right. By providing a super convenient way to transition accounts between different cloud services on-demand without a complicated project, organisations can get the best of both worlds. The benefits of SaaS without the drawbacks.

Concerned about Microsoft increasing its cloud prices? Maybe Google has given your organisation an offer you can hardly refuse. If only there was a way to move from Office 365 to G-Suite without it being a major headache or prolific cost… Now there is - it’s called IAM Cloud! Although to avoid being too partisan, I’ll give a shoutout to BitTitan and Skykick too who admittedly have some great migration tech too.

The IAM Cloud migration platform is able to undertake enormous migrations, including an Office 365 migration for a US State education system with over 450,000 users across 30+ institutions - all through the cloud with total control, amazing performance, and completely at your own convenience. This particular customer of ours was given a quote for a professional services project to do the same migration for about 10x the price they paid to IAM Cloud. The cloud's economies of scales are perfect for transporting large volumes of data between two cloud services. 

IAM Cloud Migration platform dashboard - following a recent migration project


IAM Cloud can migrate Office 365, Google G-Suite, SharePoint and Active Directory domains, and we’re only just getting started. 

We envision a cloud that provides limitless choice to organisations, not painful restrictions and commitments. If you’re thinking about a migration project in your organisation, or if you’re an IT Services company that handles migrations and other managed services for your clients - check out the IAM Cloud migration service:


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