Breaking the silence

Hi folks. I wanted to write a quick blog post to address a recent quiet period in customer comms. It's something a few of our customers have mentioned to us, and we are aware that we've not been as chatty as we used to be.

In truth much of our development work over the past 6 months has focused on re-designing and re-building existing functionality to add greater resilience, performance and scalability. While essential for the ongoing success of our products, these developments aren't particularly noteworthy for our customers, and so we've not had a huge amount of news to share.

Fortunately, much of this back-end development work is coming to fruition now, with our recent v2.3 update of Cloud Drive Mapper and our v33 update of IAM Cloud's Authentication Service, which means that we can begin to focus on adding greater functionality to our products again. 

We've got some great up-and-coming updates on their way in the coming weeks for Cloud Drive Mapper, including a new integration with Microsoft Teams that we're really excited about. Following that will be a similar feature for SharePoint Online. Also in our Cloud Drive Mapper roadmap is the ability for CDM to use Windows Environment Variables as part of the URL path to OneDrive and SharePoint libraries. We'll also be providing improved support for Shared OneDrive locations. And there's even a feature on its way that will give you the optional ability to allow your users to config their own drives. 

We're also proud to say that the IAM Cloud SSO platform now provides MFA as part of its core offering. So you can layer MFA security to any of your federated applications via IAM Cloud. Our goal with IAM Cloud MFA is to make advanced IT security accessible to organisations of all kinds, not just those with budgets large enough to afford the premium offerings from our competitors. We don't think security should just be for those who can afford it, it should be for everyone. 

We're also in the process of overhauling our identity synchronisation system to be simpler and a lot more powerful. We'll have more updates on this over the coming months, and a major announcement next year. 

And finally we're still hard at work on our new "secret" Cloud Drive Mapper project that will come to light later this year. 

Going forwards, we'll make sure we do a better job of updating our customers and partners on what we're up to, and what's coming up. If you'd like to discuss anything, please feel free to reach out to me directly: 

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