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WOW! I can’t believe that it’s been 9 months since I joined IAM Cloud and set out on my mission to transform the customer experience. So much has happened in such a short space of time, so let’s take 10 minutes and reflect on what has gone and give you a heads up on where we’re heading.

I started with a team of just three Technical Engineers and some big ideas for our customers. Since then the team has grown to four Technical Support Engineers, three Customer Success Managers and two dedicated Technical Specialist, but what about my big ideas?  

IDEA 1 – Give customers access to highly skilled experts in identity management

Ensuring our customers get straight through to the best technical specialists in identity management either over the phone, digitally or on site remains one of our highest priorities.  Recruiting, training and retaining top talent has been a key focus over the last 9 months, and while we’ve made massive strides there is still more work to do. One of the things we’ve already done is perform an internal re-structure to ensure our best specialists in identity are readily available to our customers.

IDEA 224*7 Support to all our customers

Next week I head out to India to open our 24*7 support centre. This has been an epic project and one I am very excited about.  IAM Cloud is a technology that never sleeps – so nor should we. We understand that our customers need access to technical support around the clock. We have recruited seven talented Technical Support Engineers in Hyderabad, India, who are being mentored and trained over the coming months. I am really looking forward to seeing this transform our response and resolution rate and increase customer satisfaction.

IDEA 3 – Make on-boarding a fast, informative and exciting process

We have invested heavily in systems, people and processes to make this a reality. At times, it’s not been the smoothest journey but after a couple of reiterations we now feel we have a much quicker, efficient and educational onboarding process. The new Customer Success Managers are always coming up with new ideas on how we can get better, so expect to see even more improvements over the coming months. 

IDEA 4 – Regular service reviews for customers

In January we launched our Customer Success Programme where all of our customers were assigned a personal Customer Success Manager. This has been an extremely successful addition to IAM Cloud and so far the feedback from our customers has been excellent.  Giving our customers access to regular service reviews, an escalation root and an advocate within IAM Cloud has brought us closer to our customers and improved the whole experience.

IDEA 5 – Better communications to customers

We have upgraded our Status Page and ensure that any major incident at IAM Cloud is proactively communicated to our customers via the status page. A clear RCA is also released within 24 hours of any incident.

We now proactively follow up with our customer six weeks after onboarding. We also have a number of customer satisfactions surveys providing us with information to continuously improve our service.

Our new Changelog gives customers regular updates on developments within the IAM Cloud platform. If you haven’t seen our Changelog please have a read and save it in your bookmarks to ensure you’re always up to date with latest developments.

Final thoughts…

IAM Cloud seems unrecognisable compared to the day I walked through the door, with more employees and more users on-boarding every month.

It hasn’t all gone smoothly…there have been a few bumps along the way, but any issues and problems have all been part of the journey. What we do well is pick ourselves up quickly, brush ourselves down and learn from any set back. Many of our best new processes and strategies have been born out of hard lessons. That is what I love about working here. We’re resilient, we’re passionate and we are all committed to the success of IAM Cloud.

I have met with loads of customers over the last 9 months and really valued their feedback, all of which has contributed to the changes we continue to make. Next week I head to USA to meet some of our new and potential customers before heading over to India to meet and train the new team there.

I feel very lucky to be part of such a brilliant and talented team. Sure, we have lots more work to do to ensure continued growth, stability and excellence – but it’s a challenge we’ll face head on. I look forward to sharing with you what the next 9 months bring.

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