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Security for the People

The information security industry is currently worth $120bn per year. That means on average $15 per year is spent for every person on Earth. Obviously, the spend is not equally distributed as a...
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Changelog: Our Largest Ever Release

September 28, 2017 no Comments in Blog, ChangeLog, Thoughts, IAM Cloud, Update
"g3" For the past 6 months we've been working on a complete redesign of our identity and access management platform from the ground up. This represents a completely new 3rd generation of our platform...
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Our Continuous Improvement - Blue Ocean Strategy

May 17, 2017 no Comments in Blog, Thoughts, IAM Cloud
Hlades Law: If you have difficult task, give it to a lazy person: they will find an easier way to do it. Every time I hear people mention Hlade's law it makes me smile, but there is an important...
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IAM Cloud still Golden

16 May 2017 - Today we affirmed our commitment to our Microsoft partnership by being certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner for the 4th year in a row.
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