Progress update: Internal Migrations

By Leon Mallett April Monday, 2017 No Comments

IAM Cloud Internal Migrations

If you're an IAM Cloud platform customer you might be aware that we have 3 versions of our platform. Our technology has kept evolving over the past 5 years, but customers on existing stacks of our technology have typically remained on the stack they were first deployed on - unless there was a specific requirement to move them to our latest stack. 

Consequently, IAM Cloud platform isn't actually one platform, but three. This has made supportability more challenging, and it's meant that longstanding customers haven't benefitted from all the advancements in feature-sets, performance and stability of our latest technology. 

For the past few months, we've been making significant progress in migrating older customer tenancies over to the latest version of our platform. We've migrated just over 40% of our customers so far, and we've been getting some great feedback from the customers now using our latest technology.

"Since the IAM Cloud upgrade a few months ago, I’ve seen no issues with the sync process. So far so good."
Bill Evans - American Nurses Association 

"Love seeing the reliability and stability after we were migrated."
Peter Wilcock - Westonbirt Schools

We're working hard on the remaining migrations, and are migrating 10 customers per week on average to our latest stacks, this means we should have all customers (excluding a handful of our largest and most customised customers) on our latest platform by the end of May.

We're really happy about the progress we've been able to make this year, and our customers are reaping the benefits of our latest technology, including:

  • Custom federation domains: e.g.
  • TouchPoint, which allows IAM Cloud customers to build custom actions into the authentication workflow. E.g. MFA, EULA acceptance, or capturing certain users' attributes as they log-in
  • Self-Service Password Reset by SMS & email
  • Advanced Password Reset - a reset client from the Windows login screen
  • Greatly improved application tenancy detection
  • Significantly improved sync times and password reset performance
  • Better auditing, logging and alerting

We'll keep you updated with further progress.

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