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Our Evolving Password Management Service

July 06, 2016 no Comments in Blog, News
Updated: 13 September 2016 Password management is a critical part of an identity management service. IAM Cloud originally developed two features to handle password resets for users. These were known...
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A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager

July 01, 2016 no Comments in Blog
I imagine that when you read or hear ‘Customer Success Manager’ for the first time you probably draw a blank, assume it is a different way of saying customer service, or, if you can, Google it.
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Is digital identity the missing link for maximising the impact of technology in teaching and learning?

June 30, 2016 no Comments in Blog, Thoughts, News
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The Benefits of Federated Identity

June 09, 2016 no Comments in Blog, Thoughts
In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of deploying Federated Identity with Office 365. We’ll start though by explaining what federated identity is.
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The Five Elements to Identity Management and User Lifecycle Management Nirvana

May 03, 2016 no Comments in Blog
Identity management is a critical component of IT infrastructure and security, especially in the wake of the cloud. In this post we break down and explore the five key elements of identity and user...
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To sync or not to sync, that is the question!

File synchronisation is a big topic – really really big if you take Dropbox’s new feature ‘Dropbox Infinite’ literally. Infinite is Dropbox’s answer to the file synchronisation challenge of cloud...
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The bumper guide to make Office 365 work harder for your organisation

April 21, 2016 no Comments in Blog, office 365
Office 365 is everywhere and by now most of you will have signed up for the subscription based offer. The new version of Office benefits from automatic cool new add-ons and features thanks to it...
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The top 4 barriers to cloud storage file synchronisation when using Office 365

April 15, 2016 no Comments in Blog, Thoughts
Every Office 365 account comes with a terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive for Business for individuals and SharePoint Online for teams. That’s a huge amount of file storage for a small amount...
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5 reasons why using Cloud Drive Mapper with OneDrive for Business & SharePoint is a no-brainer

April 13, 2016 no Comments in Blog, Thoughts, News
As the name suggests, Cloud Drive Mapper maps drives to cloud storage. Specifically, as of right now, it maps drives to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. It allows organisations to replace...
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