The IAM Cloud Technical Support Team goes 24*7

By Daniel Jennings August Wednesday, 2016 Blog, News 1

It’s exciting times at IAM Cloud, especially for our customers. IAM Cloud technical support is now available 24*7 to all our customers thanks to our recent expansion in India.

IAM Cloud has had a small team based in India for several years, but now we’ve increased the numbers and created a dedicated technical support team. The team of 8 experts have now been fully immersed in some intense IAM Cloud training and are ready and raring to go.

We’re all very excited about what this means to for our customers, as giving them the best experience and access to support whenever they need it means we are well on our way to becoming a global power in identity management and migrations.  

Victoria Slee, Head of Customer Experience at IAM Cloud said:

“IAM Cloud is growing rapidly and expanding our technical teams in India is key to us being able to provide the best technical expertise to our customers 24*7 across the globe. I am really excited about seeing this improve all areas of the customer experience from a quicker more efficient on-boarding experience to faster response and resolution times.”

Head of India Operations at IAM Cloud, Nitin Khubani, added:

“It’s been amazing to see how quickly the new guys have grasped our technology. They were all very excited to meet Victoria and Adam (CEO of IAM Cloud) and are really keen to take on next level challenges and give our customers an exceptional service. Already I’ve seen them go above and beyond and making suggestions for features improvements…which I really did not expect so early on in their journey. This is just the start of our increase in staff numbers in India, and I for one can’t wait to see how the team in India are going to help IAM Cloud transition to the next level!”

5.jpegSomone seems very happy in his new IAM Cloud polo shirt

Adam Cosby putting the new team through their paces

The new Technical Support Team are all smiles about joining IAM Cloud

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