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By Andrew Huxtable October Friday, 2016 Blog No Comments

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal or professional life, first impressions count…and last. That’s why my new role of Implementation Manager is a such an important step for new customers. We want to kick things off as we mean to go on, with a smooth and slick experience of IAM Cloud.

I’m Andrew, and I started out here at IAM Cloud on the Customer Success Team in May. Since then I’ve been building closer relationships with our customers and have been loving every second.

To help Customer Success Managers make the most of the precious time they have with each customer, we’ve realised that the whole implementation process needs to be managed a lot closer. This will ensure customers are 100% ready for success when they’re handed over to their Customer Success Manager.

The IAM Cloud platform is not an out of the box solution, it’s totally customised to each individual organisation, so it’s crucial that we get the implementation right so it’s configured specifically to you – and that’s where I come in and work my magic.

So, what does this mean for new customers?

Well firstly you get me – I am dedicated solely to getting new customers onto our platform. This is your first major milestone in your journey with IAM Cloud. If you have specific needs, if you have an unusual set up, or if you want all the bells and whistles our new platform can provide I’m here to make that happen.

I’ll be tailoring each onboarding to your specific need and goals. I’ll work with you around your other projects that you may have going on, collaborate on deadlines that need to be reached and set clear expectations from our end.

It’s a really simple process we’ve developed to make sure new customers are hand-held through every step of implementation, and it goes something like this…

You sign up, you’ve seen the product, you then collaborate with me on the onboarding process. Then myself and the onboarding engineer work together, keeping you updated every step of the way, to get you fully federated onto our system. I’ll be doing everything I can to make the transition as smooth as possible. I’ll be here to answer questions, address concerns you may have and generally get you going. This is a full step-by-step process and I will not leave the project until everything is completed.

Once we have completed the onboarding and I have checked in with you and you’re all smiles, I will then pass you on to our excellent Customer Success Team.  

So that’s it, simple as that. I’m really excited about my new role and rewards it will bring. Getting everyone off to the perfect start is critical for getting the most out of the IAM Cloud platform, and I for one am very proud to be making sure that happens everytime. 

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