IAM Cloud’s authentication upgrade that’s a real game changer!

By Daniel Jennings December Friday, 2016 News No Comments

We are in the final stages of a major upgrade project to IAM Cloud's authentication service. This project is changing the mechanism through which we deliver federated authentication and single sign-on to our customers, and is making the process much stronger. 

We will begin utilising Server Name Indication (SNI) as part of the federation handshake process. This is a more secure method of certificate transfer, and it opens up some new exciting functionality for our customers too.

This is also great news for the progression of our identity and access management service. Unfortunately, there is one small piece of bad news for a small minority of users. Unfortunately, machines running XP (IE 6) or earlier, do not support SNI. From our analytics, we've ascertained this change will affect less than 0.05% of our existing users logging into our platform – so not a huge crisis by any means, but we would strongly recommend that if any of our existing customers have computers running XP in your environment, you consider upgrading as soon as possible. There are also a few old mobile browsers that don't support SNI. For the full list of SNI browser compatibility consult this Wikipedia article

Now for the cool stuff...

This change will allow us to offer a completely customer-branded identity and access experience. (stackID).federate365.com/long-string-of-attributes will be gone. By default, all customers will see: customername.iamcloud.net/applicationname/ as their new federation URL e.g. oxbridge.iamcloud.net/office365 - nicer, right?

However, we can now also offer a fully branded IAM add-on. This is completely unique for a cloud identity service and gives you:

  • A fully branded federation URL - e.g. login.customer.com/applicationname
  • A fully customised login GUI and support from our front-end CSS developers
  • Custom email notifications for user notifications and email-based password reset links, including: 
    • Custom sender name and email address, e.g. Customer Support Team <itsupport@customer.com>
    • Custom branded email template and messaging

Effectively, IAM Cloud will become practically invisible. Your team will be able to provide a custom identity and access experience to users that would normally only be possible with a major 6 figure roll-your-own identity system, for a tiny fraction of the price.


Barry Login Screen Large.png

Everything can be customised with your brand and your message.  You bring your brand to life with fonts, colours, images, layouts, graphics, icons and content.

It’s really easy to do as well. We can take your templates, configuration settings, logo, CSS – and add it to our system, or you can get some help and support from one of our web designers who can create the whole thing for you based on a simple brief.

Find out more about how you can get this game changing upgrade to your identity and access management solution by visiting our dedicated webpage.



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