6 reasons why you need SSO in your business

By Keeley Brown April Monday, 2017 No Comments

SSO - One password, endless applications.

Single Sign-On is one of the most sought-after features of an IT service. With only one set of credentials to remember to access all the applications on offer through SSO. It’s an intelligent feature that can aid anyone who works with a computer from a university lecturer to a business analyst.

Helpdesk costs
Around 20-30% of all calls to IT helpdesks are about resetting passwords. By not having a long list of passwords for different applications to remember, calls to helpdesks are reduced therefore costs are also reduced.

Eliminates the need for multiple passwords
You don’t have to worry about getting to your desk and not being able to remember your Outlook password because its different to your workstation password. With one set of credentials you no longer need to keep a long list of passwords, just keep one strong password in mind and you can access all your applications quickly and securely.

Centralised control and administration
Federation, the infrastructure design that enables SSO, delegates access from each application (e.g. Office 365 / Salesforce) to a central identity system called the IDP (identity provider). In doing so, all authentication, access control, security, compliance, governance, logging and reporting is centralised. This brings the naturally disparate cloud back under your control. 

Simplified user experience
The user experience for you and your co-workers or employees will be much smoother and simpler with SSO implemented in the business. You use one password to log-in to your workstation or into a portal - then all your apps are available for you at the click of an icon or tile. 

Account deprovisioning
With one identity linked to all your applications, if a person leaves a business they can be de-provisioned with quickly and easily, and there are no loose ends. Needless to say this is a big tick for security compliance.

Productivity increases
With less time at the helpdesk being spent resetting passwords the IT helpdesk can focus their time on problems that are more crucial such as internet failures and software help and guidance. The benefits also range to employees, with them not having to sit and waste their time trying to remember another password. They enter one password, click on the application they want to use and can start work as soon as possible.

For the relatively modest investment of a single sign-on solution, it can bring a number of major improvements to your organisation, making it more productive, more efficient and more secure.


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