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When you’re a service provider - from a restauranteur to a mechanic to a cloud storage provider - there is likely a temptation to see 'service’ tightly coupled with your area of specialism. Great service at a restaurant means great food and polite waiting staff. Great service at a mechanic’s workshop means quick and quality repairs for a good price. Great service at a cloud storage provider means lots of secure storage space with good connectivity and bandwidth. Right? The problem with this view is that it is productising your service. Service should not be reducible, it is holistic, it is total. Service is systemic.

That’s not to say that great service at a restaurant shouldn’t mean great food and great waiting staff, of course. But that’s not all it should be. We have a running joke at IAM Cloud about the term ‘DevOps’, which has lately risen in popularity in the software industry. For non-technical people - you can probably take an educated guess at what this means - DevOps is a phrase to signify the unification of the Development and Operations teams. Development teams write code, operations look after infrastructure like servers. The joke is that this phrase really shouldn’t have to exist. If teams worked together properly with good levels of communication and collaboration, the name would be redundant, it would just be the way you run a good software business.

With a sense of mirth we extended this philosophy to create the new, even less catchy name, BizDevOps to signify the unification of the development, operations and business areas of the organisation. We are BizDevOps, a company that believes service continuity extends through everything we are, and everything we do. From our identity service itself, to marketing, to documentation, to billing. It’s all part of the service, and that's what sets us apart.

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